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  1. cellar2011 was a difficult year. The start of the season was warm and dry, everything grew very quickly. The flowering was very good and we had potentially a lot of fruit.

    However the season was very advanced which was a bit of a concern, I felt we were going to be picking in a lot of heat, it looked difficult.

    However during June and July the weather changed, it became cold and wet, everything slowed down a lot. I felt the vines had advanced already a long way and they struggled to rein in their enthusiasm. Disease pressure started to rise and it was only the good growers who were on top of their spray schedules and had good canopy management in place that were able to keep control of the vineyards. Growers also had to adjust the size of the crop in places that were too heavy. We also had to start opening the canopies to let extra light in. Some sections of Cotes de Nuits also got some hail damage, this unfortunately was perfect for rot to set into the damaged fruit. In sections we had a lot of loss due to the rot.

    However in the end the season corrected itself, as it does so often, and we started picking at the start of September - slightly earlier than normal but not overly so. Although there were some sections where we had a lot of sorting to do, we also had sections that were beautifully clean. Apart from the rot the fruit was of a good level of maturity, we had fantastic vibrant colours, clean juice acids and wines that have very good balance - we also had some excellent small berries with good concentration.

    So we had to work hard but we have come out with what I think is a very good vintage. I think in fact we should always have good vintages, we know what needs to be done in the vineyard and we know what needs to be done in the winery, the growers who are too greedy and do not throw the rubbish away would have made some very average wine. Also the growers who picked too early will not have picked mature fruit. I have said it again but those that worked and sorted their fruit and picked at the right time will have made some lovely wine.